About Us


The largest judo club in the Denver, Colorado area offering family-friendly workouts for judo students of all ages. We will teach you and/or your children the fundamentals of Judo and will provide:

  • Competent instruction in the techniques and the philosophy of the sport of judo.
  • A safe environment in which to regularly practice judo.
  • Development of competitors, able to compete effectively at all levels.
  • Opportunity to participate in recreational judo.
  • Affiliation with the national governing body for judo (USA Judo.)
  • Active participation in the affairs of the greater judo community.
  • Opportunity for promotion through sanctioned promotion organizations.
  • Opportunity to participate in the club’s social and fund raising activities.


  • Jean-Luc Moreau, 8th degree black belt – Elite Athletes
  • Barry Hoffman, 7th degree black belt – Kata Instructor
  • Monty Mani, 6th degree black belt – Senior Athletes
  • Rich Mignogna, 6th degree black belt – Master Athletes
  • Marty Vorum, 6th degree black belt – Beginner Youth, Co-Head Instructor
  • Hideki Hayashi, 4th degree black belt – Kata Instructor
  • Lucas Mignogna, 3rd degree black belt – Senior Athletes, Co-Head Instructor
  • Andre Casias, 2nd degree black belt – Beginner Adult
  • Colleen Sattler, née Matthews – 2nd degree black belt – Juniors, Co-Head Instructor


  • Warren Agena, 6th degree black belt – Club President
  • Shuichi Otaka, 7th degree black belt – Chief Advisory Instructor
  • John Miller, 6th degree black belt – Advisor
  • Dave Schwartz, 3rd degree black belt – Treasurer / Operations Mgr