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Please see our  Handbook Of Northglenn Judo Club for more details about our club.


Rank Promotion Guides


Juniors (16 years old and below)



Seniors (17 years old and above)


Rokyu (White + 1 Stripe)  
Rokyu High (White + 2 Stripes)  
Gokyu (Yellow) Gokyu (Yellow)
Gokyu High (Yellow+ 1 Stripe)  
Yonkyu (Orange) Yonkyu (Green)
Yonkyu High (Orange + 1 Stripe)  
Sankyu (Green) Sankyu (Brown 3rd Level)
Sankyu (Green + 1 Stripe)  
Nikyu (Blue) Nikyu (Brown 2nd Level)
Nikyu High (Blue + 1 Stripe)  
Ikkyu (Purple) Ikkyu (Brown 1st Level)
Ikkyu High (Purple + 1 Stripe)