Dues & Fees


There is a monthly membership fee payable to the club, and an additional per-class fee that is paid to the Recreation Center:

  • Per-class “mat fee:” $2.50 (payable to Rec Center at the front desk)
  • Club membership fee (payable to Northglenn Judo Club):
    • Individuals:   $22.00 / month
    • Families:        $22.00 / month for the 1st member
    •                         $11.00 / month for each additional member
    • Annual membership discounts (1-free month):
    •     Individuals: $242 / year
    •     Families:      $242 / year for the 1st member
    •                           $121 / year for each additional  member.

These dues allow you to attend three practices per week for 2-hours each. In comparison to other activities, judo at Northglenn is a remarkably inexpensive sport.